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LenderAuction.com brings youBank Owned Property Auctions, REO Auctions, workout Auctions, Short Sale Auctions as well as Bankruptcy Auctions, Private and Corporate Surplus Auctions.

Ways to find Lender Auctions

Auctions By State

For example, you can find home auctions in Floridaby clicking Florida under the home, condo and residential auctions heading below. That state page will include all the auctions we have on our site in that state at this time.

Auctions By City

If you are looking for a specific city first find the state you are interested in below. Once there, you will find the cities that lender auctions are taking place at this time. For example if you are looking for a commercial property auction in Richmond, scroll down and click Viriginia. Once you have arrived at the commercial auctions for Virginia page, click on the City Filter and look for Richmond. If it's not there, there are no Lender Auctions in that city! It's that simple.

Auctions by Date

You can also find auctions using our real estate auction calendar. The dates that are highlighted contain auctions. Simply click on a date and the lender ordered auctions for that date will show up.

What is a Lender Ordered Auction?

Lender Ordered Real Estate auctions are auctions that in some way have the lender on the property involved. Typically the lender is a bank however there are several other types of non bank lenders who own or have an interest in real estate. A real estate auction is not necessarily a foreclosure. Many auctions are ordered by lenders who are looking to liquidate their bank owned holdings (known as REO) and order an auction to do so. Lenders also order auctions in collaboration with a defaulted borrower (known as a workout or short sale) or in a bankruptcy proceeding.

How do I post an auction?

Only auctioneers or duly authorized representatives of the sellers can post an auction. Find out more by visiting the real estate auction marketingpages on Property Auction.


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